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Version: 4.0


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A PHP library that allows you to write your GraphQL queries in simple-to-write controllers.


  • Create a complete GraphQL API by simply annotating your PHP classes
  • Framework agnostic, but Symfony, Laravel and PSR-15 bindings available!
  • Comes with batteries included: queries, mutations, mapping of arrays / iterators, file uploads, security, validation, extendable types and more!

Basic example#

First, declare a query in your controller:

class ProductController{    /**     * @Query()     */    public function product(string $id): Product    {        // Some code that looks for a product and returns it.    }}

Then, annotate the Product class to declare what fields are exposed to the GraphQL API:

/** * @Type() */class Product{    /**     * @Field()     */    public function getName(): string    {        return $this->name;    }    // ...}

That's it, you're good to go! Query and enjoy!

{  product(id: 42) {    name  }}