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Version: 4.0



This is a complete refactoring from 3.x. While existing annotations are kept compatible, the internals have completely changed.

New features:

Many extension points have been added

  • Added a "root type mapper" (useful to map scalar types to PHP types or to add custom annotations related to resolvers)
  • Added "field middlewares" (useful to add middleware that modify the way GraphQL fields are handled)
  • Added a "parameter type mapper" (useful to add customize parameter resolution or add custom annotations related to parameters)

New framework specific features:


  • The Symfony bundle now provides a "login" and a "logout" mutation (and also a "me" query)



  • The FieldsBuilder class has been split in many different services (FieldsBuilder, TypeHandler, and a chain of root type mappers)
  • The FieldsBuilderFactory class has been completely removed.
  • Overall, there is not much in common internally between 4.x and 3.x. 4.x is much more flexible with many more hook points than 3.x. Try it out!