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Version: 4.1


Error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached

Webonyx's GraphQL library tends to use a very deep stack. This error does not necessarily mean your code is going into an infinite loop. Simply try to increase the maximum allowed nesting level in your XDebug conf:


Cannot autowire service "[some input type]": argument "$..." of method "..." is type-hinted "...", you should configure its value explicitly.

The message says that Symfony is trying to instantiate an input type as a service. This can happen if you put your GraphQLite controllers in the Symfony controller namespace (App\Controller by default). Symfony will assume that any object type-hinted in a method of a controller is a service (because all controllers are tagged with the "controller.service_arguments" tag)

To fix this issue, do not put your GraphQLite controller in the same namespace as the Symfony controllers and reconfigure your config/graphqlite.yml file to point to your new namespace.