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Version: 6.0

Getting started with a framework compatible with container-interop/service-provider

container-interop/service-provider is an experimental project aiming to bring interoperability between framework module systems.

If your framework is compatible with container-interop/service-provider, GraphQLite comes with a service provider that you can leverage.


Open a terminal in your current project directory and run:

$ composer require thecodingmachine/graphqlite-universal-service-provider


In order to bootstrap GraphQLite, you will need:

  • A PSR-16 cache

Additionally, you will have to route the HTTP requests to the underlying GraphQL library.

GraphQLite relies on the webonyx/graphql-php library internally. This library plays well with PSR-7 requests and we provide a PSR-15 middleware.


Webonyx/graphql-php library requires a Schema in order to resolve GraphQL queries. The service provider provides this Schema class.

Checkout the the service-provider documentation

Sample usage

"require": {
"mnapoli/simplex": "^0.5",
"thecodingmachine/graphqlite-universal-service-provider": "^3",
"thecodingmachine/symfony-cache-universal-module": "^1"
"minimum-stability": "dev",
"prefer-stable": true
use Simplex\Container;
use TheCodingMachine\GraphQLite\Http\Psr15GraphQLMiddlewareBuilder;
use TheCodingMachine\GraphQLite\Schema;
use TheCodingMachine\SymfonyCacheServiceProvider;
use TheCodingMachine\DoctrineAnnotationsServiceProvider;
use TheCodingMachine\GraphQLiteServiceProvider;

$container = new Container([
new SymfonyCacheServiceProvider(),
new DoctrineAnnotationsServiceProvider,
new GraphQLiteServiceProvider()]);
$container->set('graphqlite.namespace.types', ['App\\Types']);
$container->set('graphqlite.namespace.controllers', ['App\\Controllers']);

$schema = $container->get(Schema::class);

// or if you want the PSR-15 middleware:

$middleware = $container->get(Psr15GraphQLMiddlewareBuilder::class);